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On this site you will discover :

bouton (436 octets) What is marquetry through its history
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) Some technical and practical explainations
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) Some of my realisations classified by theme
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) A swap to compare marquetries and there models 
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) My creations and current projects
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) My last creations
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) Places where I am currently exhibitingm in exposal at this time
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) Places where I exhibited with great pleasure
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) An interview presented with photographies
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) Some articles (some of them are in French)
oa468_22.jpg (436 octets) And if you want of course, you can visit my favorite websites.


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I hope that you will have great pleasure with me
and you will appreciate as far as I do, marquetry
and maybe, fall in love with my passion.